Week 16 : STUDY WEEK IS ON !



Study week is around the corner ! Say HELLO to study week people !

Since the study week is finally here, i would like to share of what i’ve been prepared for my finals.  To be truth, i am not really well this week due to my sickness ; which is fever and flu. I am totally have not revise yet and i do worried about my final . But instead of sitting there and do nothing, i tried my best to revise the subjects for my final.

As for this subject, i am truly thankful for my classmates bccause they are willing to share some slides with us. Some of my classmates have tried to search some past year’s questions and lecture notes and share it with the entire of us. It somehow helps us to revise and understand a little bit about this upcoming exams.

Apart from that, i also try not to procrastinate my time by watching some dramas, outing and so on. I try to not waste my time and start to revising all the way. I’ve learnt my mistake from my previous semester and i will not going to repeat it again this semester ( hope so) . SO, this semester, even though i do feel unwell but i will try my best to revise all the subjects on this semester.

Wish me the best of luck guys ! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 !

images studyweek 2


Week 15 : 1 Minute Pitch



The end of the lecture’s week and welcome to the revision’s week everyone ! For the last week, we finally end up our presentation and we are happy because we finally finish up our whole presentation in front of our lecturer, tutors and our seniors too ! A wonderful memories o cherish ^_^

Okay, let’s move on to this week’s reflection. Our lecturer, Dr.Rosseni gave us a last assignment to do , which is a 1 Minute Pitch that will reflect our whole weeks in only 1 minute.

so, here is my 1 Minute Pitch. Let’s have a look ! 😀


thats all for this week. See ya around !!


Week 14: The Final Presentation!


Hye and good evening everyone! As for this week, we are going to presenting our final poster and also our video as well. We did change the words and the position in our poster after we received the comments from Dr.Rosseni last week.

The D-day. I am not that nervous since we had already presenting our poster and video last week. My group also did not change our video too much because we afraid that it will ruin everything. We only change the timing / duration of the credit part from slow to fast so that the audiences will not have to watch the credit part too long. My group also did try to smooth our video too because there are some scenes that is not too smooth and clear.

Oh not to forget, during the final presentation i can see our seniors coming to our final presentation too! What a supportive seniors we have! I personally quite nervous because we are going to present our presentation infront of our seniors! Quite embarrassing because i am acting as a sick person in our video. B)

When it comes to our turn, we introduce ourselves and presenting the objective and our poster as well as our dashboard too. We also presenting our audiences with our video and i don’t know what is their impression/feedback on our video. But after that,the audiences are voting.We managed to get the 3.7 for our mean which is the highest one for all the groups!!! I am so happy but i am sure that the voting is not the real result for the entire presentations.

1538803_572035682872065_855963383_n 1504136_572027562872877_1258481938_n 1482828_572046052871028_2006323416_n 644328_572041022871531_150278013_n 1464638_572041049538195_295167272_n 1471764_572043622871271_1390138869_n

Thank you everyone for all the supports !! We are extremely happy and excited because we never dream to win, we only try our best to produce a better video and poster ! 😀

Week 13 : Edutechnovation Day!


Good evening everyone! As for this week, we need to present our posters and our videos as well! Well, i must say that i  am really nervous ! Its the first time for us to present our NEW video production after we changed our old video . So we don’t even know the feedback that we will receive ; either good or bad one. But before this, we did asked our lecturer Dr.Rosseni and also our tutors too regarding our new video. So far, they give us a good feedback.

GG Creation is the third group to present and yes we made it! Hihi. We had presenting our poster and also our new video infront of our lecturer,tutors and also our classmates! And they give us a big clap! I am so thrilled at that time! And not to forget, we also do a voting session where each person need to vote for the group’s presentations.

It was a good way to know whether our presentation is good or not without knowing who is voting actually. It was because we will know their sincerity and what is their respond to our poster and video. We also got the highest vote for the overall presentations too! I am totally excited and happy at the same time because we never expect its going to turn out like that. It is such a relief because we afraid that we will going to ruin our video. But with the advise and the comments from our lecturer and our tutors as well, we managed to edit our poster to a better one . We also managed to shoot a good video with the help of our members as well. The cooperation between each members is important,indeed.

During the Edutechnovation Day, Dr.Rosseni also did gave us few feedbacks to improve our poster because she said that we still need to fix it in order to have a good poster. She advise us to fix a few words and the positions too so that the poster will be a better one.

Besides, she also commenting about our video as well. Dr.Rosseni said that we did such a great job!! *fireworks* She said that she is impressed with our video because we did a totally different one from our last video. She is impressed and said that we are a good actresses too! Hihi. But, she also said that we need to fix a few little mistakes such as the duration of tge video. Some of the scenes are not really smooth, the credit session is too long and so on. Thank you for the comments Dr.Rosseni and not to forget our teaching assistants as well! We’ll try to improve it before the final presentation next week! 😀

532132_571912582884375_760508510_n 946087_571915356217431_1296712186_n 1476393_571914936217473_363094956_n 1497657_571916452883988_1254646038_n 1525449_571914416217525_2086794344_n

Thats all for this week. Can’t wait for next week to come! 😀

Have a nice weekend and stat safe everyone!

Week 12 : Reflection and Briefing For Edutechnovation Day


Good morning everyone. As for this week, we learnt a lot, not technically but mentally. Dr Rosseni talked to all of us today. She said that she’s angry with everyone. So I thought that she’s going to scold us or something like that. But no, she talked to us nicely. Me, myself is quite disappointed to myself and the rest of my classmates too because we did not listen to what our lecturer had said before this. We take it for granted and not being serious too. From what Dr.Rosseni had said this morning, i realized that almost all of us had not completed our reflection ; which is  our individual blog and our group blog’s yet. She is disappointed to see and heard about it from Kak Ana. Some of us did not make a single reflection yet , and i was quite shocked too . But at the end of her speech, she said that she will give us another chance to fix it and to updating our personal and group’s blog. I am so happy because she is willing to give us another chance to fix all of this even though we disappointing her. Dr.Rosseni , we are truly sorry for everything and we ( actually me, myself) will try our best not to disappointing you and our teaching assistant again. Thank you for everything Dr.Rosseni ! ^_^







Thats all for this week, have a blessed day !

Week 11 : Poster !


Hye again ! Here i am, reflecting on what we had done for this week. As for this week, i am not able to go to class because i have to go to Terengganu for our college programme. But, with the help of my members, i know that this week Mr.Helmi is teaching them on how to make a poster. I am quite disappointed because i cannot come and learn on how to make a poster using Photoshop but its okay because i managed to learnt it from my group members.

i may not have the pictures of my own poster, but i want to share  my group’s posters . Below is their posters, made by themselves. Have a look !


This poster is made by Nurjannah




This poster is made by Syakirah Syamimi


So, thats all for this week, i am so sorry for not coming to class this week due to our collegge programme at Terengganu but i’m hoping for a better poster next week and i will try to make a poster by myself too ^_^

Have a great day ahead people !

Week 10 : Presenting our Project


Hollllaaaa people ! Okay , as for this week, i must say it was a hectic week so far because this week we need to present our progress . As for my group, we had a meeting at PTSL because we want to fix our video together and discussing about what we want to present for this week.

During the presenting day, we presenting our progress in front of our lecture and our teaching assistants too.

Here is one of our pictures ;

1424486_681622395195345_1737728018_n     1458570_681642381860013_1701181045_n   1477804_681620495195535_1193039662_n





After we presenting, we received a lot of feedbacks from our teaching assistants . Mr.Helmi said that we had done a great job but we need to improve on our background musics, the duration and so on. So, we will try to fix it as soon as possible in order to have an awesome video ^_^